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Seattle lawsuits on Sacramento Kings decision unlikely, according to report

David Aldridge of reports that legal action from Chris Hansen has never been on the table.


One of the concerns some of us may have as we transition from the utter glee of Monday's announcement to the realization that the Maloofs are still involved and there's still a vote to be held on May is that Chris Hansen could file legal action against ... someone. The NBA, the Maloofs, Mark Mastrov's shadow, us. Someone.

David Aldridge of, a very, very good reporter, does not believe that to be a serious consideration.

What Hansen and Seattle do from here is unclear. Sources maintain that legal action against the league is a near impossibility, given that the NBA requires prospective owners to sign agreements that prohibit them from taking legal action if their bids are denied. A source with knowledge of Hansen's group's plans said Sunday that the group had never thought about taking any legal action if it lost.

It never made sense for Hansen, a prospective NBA owner, to threaten the league with legal action. The only lawsuit concerns should center on the Maloofs. I actually expect Hansen to be totally gracious and decent going forward as he continues a gallant quest to return pro basketball to his city.