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Phil Jackson rumors: Kings front office a potential fit?

Phil Jackson has been rumored to be itching to return to the NBA in some role. One reporter mentions the possibility of Sacramento being a landing place.


The most decorated coach in NBA history, Phil Jackson, is reportedly looking to re-enter the NBA, but not from the bench. Despite November negotiations to take over the Lakers in the wake of Mike Brown's dismissal, Jackson is apparently looking for a front office gig. He'll apparently speak to the Raptors soon while considering other options. And CBS Sports' Ken Berger suggests that one of those options could be the Sacramento Kings.

Though Keith Smart had his option for the 2013-14 season picked up in Sacramento, everything is in flux with the Kings until their future is formally decided in next month's Board of Governors vote. Jackson had been viewed in league circles as a favorite -- along with the Spurs' R.C. Buford -- to head up a relocated Kings franchise in Seattle. But even with the league's relocation committee voting unanimously on Monday to recommend that the Kings' relocation bid be rejected, Jackson's involvement in the Sacramento franchise should not be discounted due, in part, to its relative proximity to Los Angeles. Also, no franchise would be more malleable for Jackson's vision than one with a new owner.

Two points to note:

1. Vivek Ranadivé comes from the Golden State Warriors' executive suite, where the front office has been built as a collection of basketball minds that works cooperatively to make decisions. Elsewhere in the piece, Berger implies Jackson may prefer a Jerry West type role (a contributor) than a Pat Riley role (the boss). If Vivek likes how the Warriors' system has worked -- which, uh, yeah -- he could be seriously interested in trying that here.

2. Vivek and Mark Mastrov have repeatedly talked about their business philosophy of surrounding themselves with smart voices. They won't be intimidated by adding a legendary basketball figure to the team -- their histories and stated philosophies suggest they'll embrace it.

All that said, this isn't even so much as a rumor as it is a suggestion. So, you know, we'll see.