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Our Sacramento Kings wishlist

If the recommendation is adopted and the Kings remain in Sacramento, what do you want to see from the new ownership?


A message from Here We Stay.


We've come a long way Kings fans. These last couple of years have been nothing short of amazing, heartbreaking, depressing and motivational all at the same time. The resilience of this community paid off in a major way yesterday as the NBA Relocation Committee made a recommendation to keep the Kings in Sacramento. This thing is not done though. The rest of the owners will make their final decision on the fate of the Kings around May 13. But in the meantime, Here We Stay is asking all of you to help us out with a new project.

We want to compile a "Wish List" for the new owners - wishes for the team and the new arena. Do you wish the Kings would make a big splash in free agency? Wish Jimmer Fredette would play more? Wish the new arena had a certain type of bar? Wish to never see a tarp inside the arena again?

Let us know!

We will review all of the "wishes" on this thread and on social media (include #HereWeWish) over the next three days. You can also e-mail your requests to Once we have compiled the final list, we will include them in an open thank you letter to Vivek Ranadivé, Mark Mastrov and the rest of the potential new owners.

This is no victory announcement. If we have learned anything throughout this process it is to expect the unexpected. Many things still need to transpire before we raise the purple flag for good, but this is your chance to speak directly to the ownership group. The voice of the fans has been so vital in this fight to keep the Kings and build a new arena. As we enter the final lap, let's show the new owners how excited Sacramento is about its potential future. As part of the best fan base in the NBA, this is your chance to thank them for their efforts and share what you wish to happen over the next few decades.