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Keith Smart, Geoff Petrie likely done with Kings at end of season, according to report

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Marc Stein reports that no matter where the franchise ends up, Keith Smart and Geoff Petrie will not be retained.


This is going to be no surprise to anyone around here, but we present it nonetheless. From ESPN's Marc Stein:

The leaguewide presumption remains that longtime front-office chief Geoff Petrie and coach Keith Smart will not be retained by whomever ultimately assumes control of the Kings. Which is a far easier conclusion to reach than trying to identify who's leading the Kings Sweepstakes at the minute.

That's something to keep in mind as we wait for resolution: this is going to be a completely new franchise if the Kings remain in Sacramento. Freedom from the shackles of the Maloofs' loyalty to Petrie and inability to be competitive for top-tier coaches will be amazing if we pull this off.

Petrie has been in Sacramento for nearly two decades. He's an institution. But so is Folsom state prison, you know?

If Sacramento keeps the Kings, I can't wait to see how Vivek Ranadivé will tackle the front office situation. It frankly needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.