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Kings vote expected to be held April 18 or 19, according to report

The Board of Governors may vote on the sale and relocation of the Kings at its meeting next week after all.

Last week, David Stern indicated that the fate of the Sacramento Kings may not be resolved until after the Board of Governors meeting scheduled for April 18-19. But a report from Seattle-based TV reporter Chris Daniels says the feelings on both sides now indicate resolution within 10 days.

That's not necessarily good or bad for Sacramento. But it's good for our sanity.

Unfortunately, it still means that for the second time in three years we'll go into the final games of the season at home without knowing if the Kings will be back. It's going to be a very weird scene in Natomas in eight days.

There's one more home game before the finale: Wednesday (tomorrow) against the Hornets. It'd be swell to have as many fans as possible there.