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Maloofs have not ruled out Sacramento's offer, according to report

If the NBA rejects Seattle's pleas, the Maloofs have not ruled out selling the Kings to Vivek Ranadive.


If the NBA Board of Governors accepts the relocation committee's recommendation to reject relocation of the Kings to Seattle and dismisses the ludicrous plan to let Chris Hansen buy 20 percent of the team and help the Maloofs to pretend to negotiate a Sacramento arena deal, the family may still sell the team to Vivek Ranadive and his partners, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The Maloofs "intend to be loyal to Hansen to the bitter end," the source said. They have also indicated they do not feel the Sacramento bid, headed by Silicon Valley executive Vivek Ranadive, is complete or competitive with Hansen's. Still, should the NBA reject the deals on the table with Hansen, the source said the Maloofs have not ruled out a Ranadive offer.

That doesn't mean the Maloofs will take the offer already out there, which matched Hansen's initial purchase agreement. Frankly, the Ranadive group shouldn't need to match the escalated offers. The Maloofs agreed to sell the team for a set price. (Binding, right?) Whether that sale is made to Hansen or Ranadive shouldn't matter.

The Bee's story also reveals that the NBA sent a memo outlining the Hansen/Maloof Back-Up Plan From Hell to owners on Friday; one wonders if the relocation/finance supercommittee will make a recommendation on that as well today. The finance committee could also take their vote on the Hansen bid, the Ranadive bid and probably some still-secret bizarre fourth back-up plan that results in a team in Kamchatka.