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Report: NBA Relocation Committee Stands Firm on Recommendation to Keep Kings in Sacramento

Despite recent efforts by the Hansen-Ballmer group to sweeten their offer, the NBA's relocation committee stood by their original recommendation to keep the Kings in Sacramento.


Today the NBA Relocation Committee held a teleconference in advance of the full Board of Governor's meeting on Wednesday to discuss the recent events in the Sacramento Kings saga. Those events include Chris Hansen upping his offer for the team to $625 million and the Maloofs leaking that they have a Plan B with Hansen to sell him 20% of the team if the original purchase is denied.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst was the first to report about the Maloofs "Plan B" and he is also the first to report today that following their conference call, the NBA's Relocation Committee has not changed their mind.

A committee of NBA owners who have been studying the future of the Sacramento Kings met Monday but did not change their position to recommend the team be kept in Sacramento and not moved to Seattle, a source told

Windhorst also mentions again how the Maloofs and the Hansen-Ballmer group continue to work around the NBA league office, instead soliciting individual owners. That hasn't proved to be a winning tactic yet, as evidenced by the 7-0 recommendation against relocation on April 29th.

There are no more meetings scheduled until the full Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday. It is currently unclear just what exactly they will vote on aside from relocation at that time. The Maloofs have not yet entered into an agreement on a backup offer with the Ranadivé group and it's unclear whether that will happen by Wednesday, soon after, or not at all.