Here We Stayed - Video Ode to Sacramento Kings Fans


As this Kings saga wound down, I found myself reminiscing about Kings Years past. I found myself re-realizing... there is a whole bunch of funky history that goes along with being a true fan of the Sacramento Kings. Elation, insanity, heartbreak, confusion: all mix together to make being a Kings fan like no other experience in sports.

Here now I present my ode to you wonderful fans and the roller-coaster you have continued to ride. There was no way I could come close to including all the lore but I tried to at least capture a bit of the wacky experience of what it has meant to be a Kings fan, and I hope you will have a few "Oh Yeah, I remember that" moments. Some of this may even be brand new to some of you younger fans.

MP3 version, if you are interested, can be downloaded here

Love you all and looking forward to continuing this wild ride we have shared.

Dave (Fireplug)


Intended as a nostalgic free gift to Kings and NBA fans. Please feel free to share and re-distribute for free only please. If you feel like giving credit on your site or media outlet you can use either Fireplug or Dave Lack. :)


Dave Lack was the longtime webmaster of the Bleacher Mob and Kingsfanclub websites way-back-when before real life became too hectic.

You can follow him on Twitter at @davelack

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