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Phil Jackson won't be taking Sacramento Kings position

The Zen Master went on Leno on Thursday. He indicated he will not be working for the Kings.

Kevork Djansezian

Phil Jackson is interested in taking a front office NBA job. On Thursday, he admitted that he'd had serious talks with Chris Hansen about a role with the Seattle SuperSonics. There will be no Sonics next season, of course, so that's not happening. On Leno Thursday night, Jackson quickly followed up by saying he won't be taking a job with the Sacramento Kings. The discussion is right around the 4-minute mark here.

It doesn't appear Jackson has spoken to Vivek Ranadivé, Mark Mastrov or anyone involved in the new Kings ownership group -- likely because they weren't allowed to talk to anyone. It'll be interesting to see if Vivek does reach out to Jackson once the Board of Governors approves the sale. Sacramento is pretty well-positioned between L.A. and Montana, after all!

It's worth remembering that the Warriors (where Vivek has been in the leadership for three years) has a big front office with a legend, Jerry West, in an advisory role. I see Phil ending up in that type of role somewhere, with a day-to-day GM working under him.