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Thank you, Chris Hansen and the Maloof family

Sacramento's dawn wouldn't have happened without a spark.

Ethan Miller

This may sound weird, but ...

Thank you, Chris Hansen, for convincing the Maloof family to sell the Kings. No one else had been successful in doing that. You made that happen, which set this whole process into motion. Otherwise, we'd probably be staring into the uncertain darkness right now, not celebrating the dawn of a new era. I don't agree with a lot of the comments you made about Sacramento's arena plan and the market here. But I'm glad you got the Maloofs' signatures on an agreement to sell the team and got them comfortable with that. And I know you'll deliver a team to Seattle before your deal with the city expires. And when you do, those games between the Kings and Sonics will be incredible spirited events in each town. Can't wait for it.

And thank you, Maloof family, for doing the right thing quickly. You surely understand why we've been angry with your decisions over the past, oh, four years. Especially the relocation attempts. But it's whatever. It's over. And you did the right thing by quickly selling the club to Vivek once your NBA brethren made their decisions. And George, you've been really gracious since Wednesday. It's lovely to see. Again: it's been a really bad four years. In my opinion, you acted terribly toward Sacramento and your most loyal customers. But in the end, you did the right thing. Even if you had to be pushed in that direction. Thank you.