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Kings season tickets go on sale Tuesday, Vivek Ranadivé sends letter to STHs

You can throw down a deposit on Sacramento Kings season tickets this week.


Sales for 2013-14 Sacramento Kings season tickets will begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday, the team announced on Friday. The franchise is staffing up and The Bee has reported that the NBA is sending a swat team out to help Sacramento catch up. (Most teams began season ticket renewal drives months ago.)

Also on Friday, Vivek Ranadivé sent a letter to season ticket holders thanking them and inviting them to renew. Niko Rust, also known as Mr. Sign Lady, tweeted a photo of the letter he and Sign Lady received. Here's an excerpt:

Long Live the Kings! The Kings are here today because of the unparalleled support this community has provided since the team arrived in 1985. The passion and dedication of Kings fans over the years is what inspired me to buy this team. I am excited and proud to say my fellow owners and I now have the privilege of being your stewards. We applaud your unwavering commitment to this team. You fought, you cheered, you rallied, you believed and even traveled thousands of miles to support the cause -- we cannot thank you enough.

Today we begin a new era in Sacramento Kings history: new ownership, a new arena and a new Kings community. We will do everything in our power to make this organization one that you can be proud of, both on and off the court. We will bring winning basketball back to Sacramento, alongside an organization that will achieve global and technological excellence.

As expected, part of the team's marketing pitch is that becoming a season ticket holder for the next three seasons at Sleep Train Arena will get you a spot in the new arena in 2016.