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Letter to Vivek from Here We Stay

Embarking on the new era of the Sacramento Kings together.


This is a letter from Here We Stay.


Dear Vivek Ranadivé, Jacobs family, Raj Bhathal, Arjun Gupta, Mark Mastrov, Andy Miller, Chris Kelly, Mark Friedman, Katrina Garnett, Ron Burkle and all of the other investors who believed in Sacramento:

It is with great sincerity that we thank you for your commitment to Sacramento. Sacramentans take great pride in their city and in their region, and the fact that you have stepped forward to invest in downtown and put a winning product on the floor excites this entire community. Our region needs a shot in the arm, both from a jobs perspective and an economic development standpoint. A new downtown arena will facilitate these things and then some. Our team, the Sacramento Kings, has needed a group like yours to take it to the next level -- a global level. We want to stand with Kings fans in every corner of the world and celebrate this symbol of civic pride that we call our team. We also want our families and future generations to be able to enjoy professional sports and entertainment in a thriving downtown epicenter.

We feel as though there is no greater fan base in all of sports. Kings fans scratch, claw, and punch. It's in our nature to take on the role of the underdog -- the community and fan base that is always counted out, only to storm back to fight with resilience and passion. This fan base will take that intensity to another level under your ownership. The fans of this team and the people of this city will fully support your group as we all strive for the same thing -- an NBA championship and a downtown that we can all champion as a beacon of light, shining bright.

We're in this together as a family and we look forward to you leading us into a new era in Sacramento: a "Sacramento 3.0," filled with world-class entertainment in a world-class facility.

From everyone affiliated with the Here We Stay campaign, we again say thank you. Thank you for believing in our fan base and our community.

Sacramento is behind you.


Here We Stay


This is a wishlist from fans we've talked to in the last few weeks as we enter the new era.

1. Fans would be amenable to changes to logos/jerseys but the current color scheme and team name should stay. It's become part of our identity.

2. Let the crowd be the soundtrack to the game, not music. Less music in game, and more cowbell!

3. Bring back the Carl's Jr. player bobble-heads.

4. Buy-a-Brick program for the new downtown Entertainment and Sports Complex.

5. Sell food and beer that is being made right here in the Sacramento area in the arena. Incorporate local restaurants and food trucks for the food, similar to how the new airport terminal did.

6. Fan access to the team (think Cowboys Stadium).

7. A phone-charging kiosk.

8. An area for dancing during concerts.

9. Retire Mayor Johnson's Sacramento High jersey and build a statue for him.

10. A bigger team store.

11. Hire a knowledgeable, reputable, and qualified head coach.

12. No more Bill Walton calling games.

13. Partner with regional transit for a "Game Day Ticket = Transit Pass" program like they have in Phoenix.

14. Hire local contractors and engineers to build the arena.

15. Add a Sacramento Sports Hall of Fame in the arena so that people can see all the great athletes from this region.

16. Add a special section to commemorate the grassroots battle of the past few years.

17. No more Jim Gray. Hire a new sideline reporter.

18. Incorporate little items from Arco Arena in the new arena. Keep the "Hustle Board" and the "Noise Meter."

19. Put a large screen in the arena that projects tweets from fans at the game/watching from home about the game.

20. Include solar panels, green roof, and outdoor spaces.

21. Create a tailgate section outside of the arena.

22. Build a giant cowbell at the front entrance that can be rung to signal the beginning of the game.

22. Bring back the pre-game show for the Kings on TV.

23. Sign Lady and Mr. Sign Lady should get first dibs on seating in the new arena.

24. Have community-driven designs for alternate jerseys logos.

25. Work with the city to extend light rail hours much later on game nights so people can stay downtown later. Maybe work with the city to strike some sort of light rail pass for season ticket holders that lasts all season and is effective on game nights.

26. Add a "Kid Zone" or "Fun Room" to the arena. Maybe something like what they have in IKEA or at AT&T Park.

27. Opening day at the new arena: At the start of the game, David Garibaldi paints a 45-foot tall mural of KJ, Vivek, Mastrov, the Jacobs and Kelly that will grace the entrance of the new ESC. At halftime he does one for the grassroots groups.

28. A permanent "Sign Lady" sign above the entrance.

29. Play music from local bands in the arena.

30. Bicycle parking at Sleep Train Arena. Bike valet at the new arena.

31. Have the "Playing To Win Tour" RV on permanent display in the new arena complex with our story told around it.

32. Give the Preflite Lounge a location in the new arena.

33. Free WiFi at arena.

34. Keep Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds as the television guys and Gary Gerould as the radio guy.

35. Coordinate with the other California teams to create a season ticket holder hoop team event in which each team assembles a team of 12 season ticket holders to play each other.

36. Make a big investment in non-salary cap areas like coaches, GM, scouts, stat guys, medical/training staff.

37. Buy a dedicated D-League team to control the development of young players.

38. Create partnerships with fan forums to help reach out to fans/have special events with them.

39. Keep all the current employees on the business side (ushers, ticket sales, etc.), including the New Media team. They deserve it after the last few years.

40. Work with downtown businesses to strike postgame deals for discounts for people who attended the games.

41. A specific section where fans are designated to be loud, rowdy. Sort of like Hibbert's Area 51 in Indiana or Bogut's "Squad 6" when he was in Milwaukee. Maybe call it "The Lion's Den."

42. Outdoor terrace club so fans can continue party after game and enjoy skyline lights when the weather is nice. A real skyline lounge.

43. Create a possibility for investment in the Sacramento Kings, perhaps a non-voting stock issue.

44. Scott Moak is one of the best PA announcers in the business and he should remain so.

45. Try to bring an All-Star game to Sacramento when the new arena is built.

46. A small-scale Tower Bridge replica to walk under at one of the entrances.

47. A Sacramentans Walk of Fame.