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How to order Sacramento Kings season tickets

Plus, find a season ticket partner in this thread.


Season tickets for the 2013-14 season of the Sacramento Kings (woo!) go on sale Tuesday at 9 a.m. That's when deposits will begin to be accepted on You sign in with your existing account or create a new one, indicate you want season tickets and pony up $200. That deposit is non-refundable. You don't pick your full-season cost on Tuesday: pricing plans will be released in mid-June. The lowest level is expected to be (per Kings staff) $15 per ticket. You pay for 43 games (41 regular season, two preseason). So for two tickets at the lowest price point you're looking at $1,300. You'll pay $200 on Tuesday, then a 20 percent down payment by late June (your $200 deposit counts toward that). Then you can pay the rest according to a payment plan that extends up to six months. You'll pick your seat in late June, too -- that's when your total price will be determined.

Here's the Kings' official FAQs on season tickets. Staff is also on hand at Sleep Train Arena to answer questions: has a prominent "chat now" link.

For many folks, season tickets isn't something they can commit to due to their busy schedule or cost. Since the dawn of man, folks have split season tickets. It can be more manageable to buy half of a season ticket package than a full one: 21 or so dates at the arena vs. 43. Some folks split it further (three or four ways) depending on their needs. We know a lot of folks at StR fall into this category, so while this often happens in real world relationships (work, neighbors, friends, family) we figured we may be able to find some matches here.

So if you are interested in splitting season tickets for the 2013-14 season, post in this thread and try to find a match. The actual details of making the split should be handled via email or phone. section214 has split season tickets for decades; he can provide some tips and best practices. So a sample comment below might be ..


Looking to split season tickets two ways
Upper level, $30 ticket range, two tickets.

I'm also interested in a half-season package at that price range!
My email address is username at gmail dot com.


In the recent past the Kings have offered half- and quarter-season packages themselves, but that's been a product of lots of available seats. There's no guarantee those will be available this season. In fact, based on the level of renewals the team is reporting and the huge interest in the club's new era, I'd guess those won't be available.

Also, for those who live far away from Sacramento but want to help StRians get to the gym: we'll be announcing a donation program later in the week. Stay tuned.