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2013 NBA Draft Lottery odds: Kings have solid chances of moving up

Sacramento could very well move up into the top three of the 2013 NBA Draft.


The Sacramento Kings, who are staying in Sacramento, will find out on Tuesday what pick in the 2013 NBA Draft they have. Kings fans are well-versed in how the lottery works, but just in case you need a refresher:

* The lottery is weighted with teams with worse records in 2012-13 having a better chance of winning. The worst team, the Orlando Magic, has a 25 percent chance of winning the derby.

* Fourteen ping pong balls are used in the drawing. Four-ball combinations are drawn from the hopper. That means there are 1,001 potential combinations. One is thrown out because it is an imposter.

* The master of the hopper (possibly Charles Oakley) draws four balls. Whichever team has that four-number combination as assigned via the weighted distribution wins the No. 1 pick. The balls are returned to hopper and another combo is drawn. Whichever team has that combo wins the No. 2 pick. (If the team that wins No. 1 has that combo, a RE-DO is called. David Stern and Adam Silver must do the hokey pokey, the balls are returned to the hopper and the master of the hopper does the Sign of the Cross.) The exercise is repeated for pick No. 3. Then picks No. 4-14 are assigned to the remaining teams by record (worst first).

Here are the Kings' odds of getting each pick heading into the lottery.

No. 1: 6.3%
No. 2: 7.1%
No. 3: 8.1%
No. 4: ---
No. 5: ---
No. 6: 43.9%
No. 7: 30.5%
No. 8: 4.0%
No. 9: 0.1%
No. 10: ---
No. 11: ---
No. 12: ---
No. 13: ---
No. 14: ---

The lottery begins at 5:30 p.m. Pacific on ESPN.