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Cody Zeller to Kings in, mock drafts

Two major mock drafts have the infidel Cody Zeller landing with the Kings at No. 7.


Cody Zeller -- that's Zeller -- is the pick at No. 7 according to the latest mock drafts from's Scott Howard-Cooper and's Chris Mannix. Zeller is the 7-foot center from Indiana who was pretty much a disappointment as a sophomore but showed everyone in Chicago at the Combine that he can really jump well.

Zeller is said to be highly skilled offensively, but had nearly twice as many turnovers as assists and attempted two (college) threes total in two seasons in Bloomington. He did score efficiently on two-pointers, though, and hit 75 percent of his free throws. He was only an average rebounder (which could spell doom at the pro level where there are lots of people his size) and iffy shotblocker.

Howard-Cooper implies that drafting Zeller would mean farewell from DeMarcus Cousins, while Mannix argues that Zeller complements Cousins. Who knows?

In case you're curious, Zeller is definitely The Player Ziller Perhaps Irrationally Mistrusts Because His Stats Don't Match His Narrative And Because Ziller Can't Stand Very Tall Men Who Can't Rebound At A Very Good Level.