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Report: Vivek Targeting High-Profile GMs as Replacements for Geoff Petrie

Sam Amick reports that Vivek Ranadivé is already hard at work finding a replacement for Geoff Petrie and he's targeting some big names too.

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San Antonio Spurs G.M. R.C. Buford and Golden St. Warriors G.M. Bob Myers
San Antonio Spurs G.M. R.C. Buford and Golden St. Warriors G.M. Bob Myers

It was reported the other day that Geoff Petrie met with new Sacramento Kings owner-to-be Vivek Ranadivé. Now, thanks to the excellent reporting of Sam Amick over at USA Today, we know a little bit of what that meeting was about.

Petrie, whose contract expires at the end of June, was informed during a Thursday meeting with Ranadive that the new owner would be bringing in his own people once he assumed control of the team.

This is not surprising, as Petrie's tenure over the past few years especially have been rough.

What is a little surprising, or maybe just strange to Sacramento Kings fans unused to the franchise targeting big names, are the people Vivek and co. are considering as Petrie's replacement. Amick reports that San Antonio's R.C. Buford, Golden State's Travis Schlenk and Memphis' Chris Wallace are among the top choices, although there are other names on the list, including ex-Indiana GM David Morway and current Oklahoma City Assistant GM Troy Weaver.

According to Amick's report, Ranadivé is consulting a lot with his friends over at the Warriors, including consultant Jerry West, who has experience working with both Wallace and Schlenk.

Ranadive's focus, as is clear from some of the backgrounds of the people being considered, is on establishing a smart, winning tradition in a small market after the Kings have missed the playoffs for seven consecutive seasons.

Buford is the biggest name on the list, as he's one of the most respected executives in the league thanks to the work that he and his staff do in San Antonio. Amick rightfully points out that he might not be enticed to jump from an extremely successful ship to an ongoing rebuilding project.

Chris Wallace however has a contract that is set to expire after the season, and has a reduced role in the franchise since the additions of Jason Levien and John Hollinger. Wallace was responsible for building this current iteration of the Grizzlies team, including the infamous trade of Pau Gasol that in hindsight proved to be a pretty good trade.

Travis Schlenk is Bob Myers' second-in-command in Golden State and has a good reputation as a talent evaluators. This piece on him in The Wichita Eagle is a good read on his career and features some good quotes from Jerry West and Myers.

"We lean on him heavily as to what he thinks of a player, how much the player will improve," Myers said. "Usually, he's the one on the staff that's seen the player the most."

Schlenk has played a big part in rejuvenating the Warriors franchise, and is sure to receive heavy consideration from Ranadivé considering he had a front-row seat to that turnaround.

Morway has a mix of both good and bad. His stint in the early 2000s with the New York Knicks was not good, only surpassed by the terribleness of Isiah Thomas' tenure as GM. He saw more success in his most recent tenure with the Indiana Pacers, where he served under Larry Bird and helped bring the Pacers to where they are now. Morway was let go last year and replaced by Kevin Pritchard.

Troy Weaver is also on Ranadivé's radar but Sam reports that it is unlikely the Oklahoma City Thunder will give the Kings permission to interview Weaver.

On the topic of David Kahn, who was at the Long Live the Kings rally last Thursday, Amick points out what Ailene Voisin has already pointed out, that Kahn was a key figure in the construction of Indiana's arena in 1999. There is also this recent tweet from Mayor Johnson:

I think we can put to rest any rumors that Kahn might be the next Kings GM.

It appears the Kings will want to move quickly on reshaping their front office and coaching staff once Ranadivé officially has control, which Amick says should be May 31st. The coaching staff will come after a new front office is in place. The franchise will have to move quickly, with the NBA Draft approaching in just a month and Free Agency starting soon after.