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Why I don't blame Chris Hansen for continuing to fight

It seems all but certain that the Kings will stay in Sacramento, and yet Chris Hansen continues to fight. And while it would be nice for us if he just conceded, I don't blame him at all.

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While we're waiting for the final vote on May 15th, it seems all but certain that the Kings will remain in Sacramento. Chris Hansen has vowed to continue to fight. We may disagree with his approach, and it would certainly be easier for all of us if he simply bowed out, but I don't blame him for continuing to fight for Seattle. Think about it.

"It's all but a formality at this point."

"Just give up, there's nothing you can do at this point."

"Bow out gracefully."

Those are the same things Kings fans were told in January. It was reported that the approval to relocate to Seattle was a formality. We were told that there was nothing we could do. We were told that we should just accept our fate. But we didn't. We fought. Sacramento fought. And Sacramento turned the tables.

So I don't blame Chris Hansen one bit for continuing to fight. If Monday's recommendation had gone the other way, I don't imagine KJ would've said "Welp, we tried! See you guys later." Hell no. He would have continued fighting right up until the end. And that's what Chris Hansen is doing.

I disagree with his tactics. I don't think it's wise to get ugly with the very club you're attempting to join. But who am I to tell him what tactic to take? Chris Hansen has achieved far, far more in his life than I have. He's a successful businessman. I'm an armchair quarterback.

I don't think Hansen will succeed. Not at this point. I'd love it if he bowed out gracefully and began working with the NBA to convince them of the merits of expansion. But that's because it would make me less nervous. Because I've seen how this narrative can flip. I've seen what can be accomplished by someone who doesn't give up.

I disagree with the approach, but applaud Hansen's commitment. I remain optimistic, but I remain cautiously optimistic. I'll certainly rest a lot easier come May 15th. Laugh him off at your own risk. I'll continue to watch Hansen's every move with a wary eye.