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Ready to believe again

Grappling with a return to regular being a regular fan again.


I spent the past two years in a job where I was unhappy. I was disgruntled and disengaged, doing just enough to stay off the radar. Things hadn't worked out the way I'd expected with my career, but a steady paycheck with a generally good company was too much to walk away from. The biggest perk was that it granted me ample free time to peruse the web and write about the Kings.

I entered a new role in my company two weeks ago. It happened just as the Kings saga was coming to a merciful end. And now I find myself in a strange place. I'm re-engaged at the office. I'm only checking the web for a few minutes during lunch or in the evenings. The timing has actually been pretty ideal. Spending every free minute watching and waiting for news to break was rather daunting. It's nice to have something to focus on beyond the Kings and their possible relocation.

And just as my career seems to be getting renewed, so is my traditional NBA fandom. Sure, there will still be times when news breaks during the day, but I don't expect that I'll be scheduling my meetings around press conferences nearly as often. Instead I find myself leisurely checking in to see if there are any new rumors about the front office. I wonder who the Kings might draft. But it no longer feels like it's a matter of life and death. And it isn't. It never was, really. But the Kings are such a big part of my life that it felt like it was.

But now I find myself ready to believe again. Ready to believe that I can work hard and be recognized in my new role. Ready to believe that Vivek can salvage this sinking ship. It's a wonderful feeling. I believe that we'll get a competent coach and possibly a great coach. I believe we'll get a competent GM and possibly a great GM. I believe we'll get a competent player in the draft, and possibly a great player. I believe trades can happen. I believe the unexpected can happen, but in a good way.

When you experience what we've endured the last few years and somehow come out fine on the other side, it suddenly feels like anything is possible. If Vivek and company can keep the team here, I'm willing to believe in them on other topics. If they decide to keep DeMarcus Cousins, if they believe that he's worth the effort, then I'm on board. If they decide to sign Tyreke Evans to a big new contract, I'll believe they made a smart choice. And when they trade away a player I like, which I expect to happen although I don't know which player it might be, I'll trust that it was for the best. They've earned that goodwill from me.

So I'm ready to believe in this team. On the court, off the court. I'm ready to believe again.