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Sleep Train Arena named worst in the NBA

A publication focused on sports facilities and fan experiences rated all 30 NBA arenas after 2012-13 visits. Sleep Train is at the bottom. Quelle surprise.


Stadium Journey is a publication that covers sports stadia, arenas and ballparks. It rated all 30 NBA arenas this season. The comprehensive reviews include concessions, atmosphere, access, facilities, neighborhood and value for the ticket dollar. Guess which arena finished No. 30?

One can recall the heyday of the Kings and how the rambunctious crowd compensated for the lacking facility. That is no longer the case. The scratched wooden stairs, flimsy plastic seats and out of date video board are all eyesores. In fact, it's hard to believe that this arena was ever state of the art.

The official review of the arena gets quite a bit wrong about the history of fan support in Sacramento -- the reviewer indicates fans didn't arrive until the 1990s, which of course is wrong as the arena was sold out for every game played in Sacramento in the 1980s and through the 1996-97 season, all as the team bounced between horrid and mediocre. But the message is on the right track: this arena has been allowed to fall apart. The owners of the building -- Joe, Gavin, George, Phil, Adrienne and Colleen Maloof -- should be ashamed.