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The NBA finance committee likes Sacramento, too

Some in Seattle are trumping up the fact that while the relocation committee voted 7-0 to reject a Kings move, the NBA finance committee did not vote on Chris Hansen's purchase. But there's a twist.

Michael Cohen

A week ago -- a glorious week ago -- the NBA relocation committee voted 7-0 to recommend the NBA not allow the Kings to be moved to Seattle. The NBA finance committee, which was also meeting regularly to discuss the topic, did not take a vote on Chris Hansen's proposal to buy the team from the Maloofs.

In the days since, folks in Seattle have held this up as a major reason for hope. Some in Sacramento have allowed it to weigh on them. I'm not so sure it should be looked at that way. Why?

As Akis reminded me, the two committees had some common members. In fact, five of the 10 owners on the finance committee that vote on a sale of the team also sit on the relocation committee. All five voted against relocation. Those five are Clay Bennett (Thunder), Micky Arison (Heat), Herb Simon (Pacers), Glen Taylor (Timberwolves) and Peter Holt (Spurs).

Believing that because the finance committee didn't vote that means the finance committee supports Hansen's bid seems totally errant.