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Chad Ford's Mock Draft 2.0 has Kings selecting Anthony Bennett

In a projection that is likely to shuffle around many times between now and the NBA draft, Chad Ford's latest mock draft projects the Kings taking UNLV Forward Anthony Bennett.


Projecting what the Sacramento Kings will do in this year's NBA draft is a difficult exercise, at best. With remaining uncertainty over who exactly will make the draft selection, mock draft pundits will basically be throwing out their best guesses this year. That's no knock on them, it's just the truth of the situation. So take it with a grain of salt, but in his latest mock draft, ESPN's Chad Ford projects the Kings to take Anthony Bennett from UNLV.

Ford writes (Insider):

Analysis: The team is in flux right now as the NBA works out who is going to own the team and where it will be located. So any real inside information is pretty hard to come by. The team's biggest need probably is at small forward. However, adding a shoot-first player like Muhammad seems like a disaster waiting to happen, as much of the Kings' roster is populated by similar players.

Enter Bennett. While he also has a tendency to let it fly, there's an upside there that Muhammad lacks. Tuesday's news that Bennett will have rotator cuff surgery, which could keep him out up to four months, might give the Kings second thoughts about drafting him this high. But overall, I think Bennett's the best talent at this point in the draft.

Ford's mock draft promises to change many times between now and the draft for most teams, not just for the Kings. But the outlook for Sacramento, who the Kings should draft, what the roster needs are, is so dependent on factors that are currently unknown that there's likely little anyone can project other than Best Player Available.

For what it's worth, Otto Porter (the early favorite around StR message boards), is projected to be selected third overall.