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Heat owner Micky Arison to Sonics fan: This isn't about Seattle, it's about Sacramento

Micky Arison, the owner of the Heat and CEO of Carnival Cruises, engaged with a Seattle fan through Twitter Direct Messages, apparently. And Arison defended his vote in favor of keeping the Kings in Sacramento.

Chris Trotman

Micky Arison is one of the NBA owners most likely to engage on Twitter. He's gotten busted in the past for commenting on lockout related matters via the social media service, and apparently he's always open to responding to NBA fans through Direct Messages. A Seattle tweeter -- @Dah_knee -- says he engaged Arison in such an exchange on Wednesday. Then he sent screenshots of the purported exchange to Seattle radio guy Softy Mahler, who posted them.

And man, Arison is going to be a new hero in Sacramento.

You'll have to read the full exchange for yourself on Softy's site, but here are a couple of cleaned-up quotes from Arison I've plucked from the screenshots.

You don't get it. We are voting to leave Sac or not. I love Seattle and will support a team there but honestly you are making it harder to support you. ... The question before the committee is "Has Sac done all it should to keep the team?" The answer is yes. It's not a vote about Seattle. ... If Seattle -- especially local politicians -- had done what Sac's done a move to OKC would never have been approved. ... [Seattle guy says the city did step up with Ballmer's KeyArena renovation plan] ... Sorry, but you're wrong. Ballmer never stepped up in 2008 and the issue was the turning down of the arena project to Schultz and Bennett over many years. ... Another market move is more likely but expansion will be considered after the next TV negotiations. ... [The Ballmer 2008 plan] was unacceptable to the league and they knew it.

While I do think Arison gives Schultz and Bennett too much credit here, I nonetheless smile at the thought of an NBA owner making the same arguments we've been making for four months now. It's glorious.