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Sacramento Kings are one of three teams fined for tampering

USA Today has discovered that the Kings are one of the teams fined by the NBA for violating the league's tampering policy.

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Yesterday a report from USA Today indicated that three teams were fined by the NBA for violating the league's tampering policy. Only the Atlanta Hawks were confirmed to be one of those teams.

Today, Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt have confirmed that our very own Sacramento Kings were among the three teams fined along with the Houston Rockets.

Sacramento's fine came due to new Head Coach Michael Malone's comments during his introductory press conference about Free Agent Chris Paul.

Per Cowbell Kingdom's Jon Santiago, here is what Malone said about Paul:

“Obviously, Chris would look pretty good in a Sacramento Kings uniform without a doubt,” Malone said with a smile yesterday when asked if he could use his clout with Paul to convince the superstar to consider the Kings come free agency. ”But he’s a great friend, somebody I had a great relationship with in New Orleans. We stay in touch.

“He’s got a lot of his own things going on right now,” Malone added. ”And as I told him recently, I care about him, I hope he’s okay and whatever decision he makes is best for him and his family, I’ll always be rooting for him.”

Malone coached Paul a few years ago when the two were both in New Orleans.

The Kings released a statement to USA Today saying "The Kings organization accepts the league's decision regarding this matter, and regrets any infraction of the policy."