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Chris Mullin offered job as Kings consultant, according to report

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The legendary forward could be brought in to advise new GM Pete D'Alessandro.

Jim Rogash

Jason Jones of The Bee reports that Hall of Famer and former Warriors GM Chris Mullin could be brought in as a consultant for the Kings. Mullin was the man who gave the Kings' new general manager Pete D'Alessandro his first job in the league. D'Alessandro worked in player representation before Mullin hired him to help the Golden State front office in 2004.

Mullin as a front office exec is most well-known for a few bad contracts and draft picks, but he did land the Warriors in the playoffs for the first time in a decade during his tenure thanks to trades for Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson and the Monta Ellis pick. It's unclear what his specific role would be, but his vast relationships around the league could be helpful, though D'Alessandro certainly has a good deal of experience from his time with Golden State and Denver.

D'Alessandro will be introduced on Monday.