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Friday Mail Sac: Richard Hamilton, 2013 Kings rookies, picking a 1st game to attend, deserted island discs

Boom or bust?


From baby giraffe: "Assuming the front office doesn't sign Monta, any interest in Richard Hamilton? Obviously, he isn't the same player from 05, 06 but he could provide veteran leadership and relief at small forward...maybe a one year deal? Can't wait to "rip" into this one! Please don't "mask" your feelings about that joke..."

I think that Rip is done as a player, and if I recall, he was part of the veteran group in Detroit that turned on Frank Kuester, so I'm not all that sold on his veteran leadership, either. If the Kings are going to true veteran leadership, it needs to come from one of the best players on the roster. And that would not be Hamilton.

FromVespasian92: "Lifelong Kings fan, grew up watching them (back when they were on local channels), yet I've actually never been to a Kings game before. Anyways, things have changed and I'm planning on going to my first game this season, at age 20 no less. Do you guys have any suggestions of which game to attend in terms of the best experience (season-opener, rivalry game vs. Dubs or Lakers, see elite players like KD or Lebron, etc.)? Any other suggestions of what to do besides just enjoy the game with other Sacramento faithful?"

I'm going to defer this to our erstwhile and intrepid membership. Help a fellow member out, folks. Thread it up!

From an anonymous individual (the message was left on the front step of StR headquarters in a basket): "What are your best case / worst case predictions for our rookie picks for this season?"

Best case for Ben McLemore is opening night starter, invitee to the rising stars game over the all-star break, 1st team all-rookie NBA team and garners at least minor consideration for Rookie of the Year. I think that it's easiest for rookie shooting guards and small forwards to transition from college (or international ball) to the NBA, so McLemore gets every chance to strut his stuff. Worst case for McLemore is that he's not NBA ready, which leads him into a season-long shooting slump, and the Kings are never allowed to draft a Kansas Jayhawk ever again. My blind guess is that McLemore will be closer to the best case than the worst case scenario.

Best case for Ray McCallum is that he progresses as a rookie on a curve similar to Isaiah Thomas' rookie season, leading the trading of Thomas or Greivis Vasquez at the all-star break. Worst case is that he is sent to Reno and never returns. My blind guess is that he will serve some time in Reno and will suit up for the Kings when Thomas or Vasquez are injured, and that his progression could determine the future of Thomas or Vasquez beyond this season.


Pick & Droll: Back in the day of Tower Records, they published an in-house magazine that included a section titled "Deserted Island Discs." Tower customers would send in their list of ten albums that they would want with them if they were on...a deserted island. What would your list of ten albums be?

OK, I'm going to set some rules for myself, but you're free to set your own. I'm going to avoid compilation discs, but I am going to allow myself one live album. Also, I'm not selecting my ten favorite, but ten of my favorites that also provide me with some overall variety. Again, you can set your own rules for your DID list. Not in order of preference:

The Beatles - White Album

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

Led Zeppelin - IV

Dave Matthews Band - Everyday

Nirvana - Nirvana

Outkast - The Love Below

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood

The Who - Quadrophenia

Yellowjackets - Mint Jam

Just missing the cut: Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic, Green Day - Dookie, Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Linkin Park - Meteora, Roomful of Blues - Dance All Night, Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run, Spyro Gyra - Road Scholars, Trombone Shorty - For True, and many, many others.


Send your questions and topic ideas to And jack, jack, jack the thread away.