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New Kings president Chris Granger does the rounds

NBA executive Chris Granger, the Kings' new president, hit local media this week.


Exciting Chris Granger news! The Kings' new team president joined Grant Napear for a segment this week, and also spoke to Ailene Voisin for a Sunday column. Be sure to listen to the segment and read the column: it's all pretty illuminating and, dare I say, exciting.

From Voisin's piece:

The immediate goal is to maintain the brisk pace of season-ticket and sponsorship sales, and to continue tightening the frayed bond between the Kings and the community.

"I don't think we need anything big or bold," Granger continued. "We want to make sure our fans know we're back and start to figure out how we turn our arena - current and future - into a home-court advantage. I will always remember watching the Kings on television when they were stacked, every game sold out. Kings fans were the first to wear the same color T-shirts for playoff games. And the purple glow sticks during introduction. That was the coolest intro I had ever seen. Clearly, I have to get out there and get it going."

Grant also talked to Vivek Ranadivé and Mark Mastrov this week. Check that out, too.