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Ben McLemore isn't hurt, Ray McCallum looks lovely and more from Game 1 of the Kings and Vegas Summer League

Day 1 of the Kings' adventure at Vegas Summer League came and went. Notes!

1. Highlights above. Ray McCallum's inside-out dribble!

2. Ben McLemore was not good in any sense of the word, but it's Day 1 at Summer League. Most importantly, while he went down after banging knees, every report says he's okay. But no, he did not look great. It'll come.

3. McCallum looked really polished, though he didn't shoot well (3-11). He had four assists and just two turnovers, plus eight rebounds. He looked good good good.

4. Drew Gordon! 17 points on 7-12 shooting, really active play, 10 rebounds. Worth monitoring as the week rolls on.

5. Back to Mac: the biggest knock in college was that Ben wasn't aggressive enough. He had 25 shooting possessions in 31 minutes on Saturday. I have a hunch this is what the coaching staff wants from him: get comfortable taking lots of shots. We'll see how quick his trigger is on Monday, but I have no qualms and taking (and missing) lots of shots at this point.

6. Nick Minnerath is clearly aiming for that "New, Less Crazy Birdman" role.