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Monday Mail Sac: VSL notes, televised Kings games options, and being a hater

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I'm running on fumes after the week in Vegas, so apologies in advance if my post is a little on the rummy side.

"Dodge, duck, dip, dive & dodge!"
"Dodge, duck, dip, dive & dodge!"

Before we get to the mailbag, a few random observations from Vegas Summer League (all player comments have been approved by the Small Sample Size Institute):

  • Yeah, I know, 4-23 for McLemore. But only about four of those shots were ill-advised. What I saw was a kid whose shot was just off early, and then a little fatigue seemed to set in late. But he looked like he belonged, and in spite of the poor shooting I was not really disappointed. And the kid's got some hops. My guess is that he's going to be a big beneficiary of Greivis Vasquez's generosity if he cuts hard to the hoop a few times a game.
  • The guy that really caught my eye was Trent Lockett, the 6-5 guard out of Marquette. He just had a knack for being in the right place on the floor throughout the game, hit a couple of shots, and played very enthusiastically on defense. There's really no room for him on given the makeup of the current regular season roster, but he just gave me the vibe that he could be the next Tony Allen / Thabo Sefolosha-type guy, making a club with grit and defensive intensity.
  • Ray McCallum looked good for a 2nd round pick, and is a lot more athletic than I had thought.
  • The San Antonio Spurs' summer team plays the same type of ball as the regular Spurs. It's ridiculous! Making the extra pass, defending high pick and rolls, everyone playing with their heads up and their feet moving. Ime Udoka had ‘em playing as though he were Popovich. Very impressive. Kris Joseph and DeSean Thomas looked like another in the line of guys that will get a lot better once if they are added to the big club. Thomas especially impressed me when he hit back-to-back long jumpers, and the next time down the floor he passed on an open jumper, hitting a wide open Joseph for a much better shot. As I said, ridiculous.
  • Dion Waiters didn't look like he wanted to be there to me. He really sort of mailed the game in, in my opinion. On the other hand, Carrick Felix (their 2nd round pick this year) played with a lot of energy, and the Cavs coaching staff sent most of their bench correspondence through him. Another guy that looked good for the Cavs was Jermaine Taylor. His 3-point shot looked much-improved.
  • C.J. McCollum looked versatile as hell during the Portland game. He made a few mistakes, but he did a nice job of running things overall. Thomas Robinson looks like a guy that will always lead his team in rebounding rate - he just has a knack for it. But his hands still need work, and he needs to learn to stop bringing the ball down where the smaller players can get at it. And he is still lost offensively on anything other than a put back. But as an energy guy he could be good for Portland.
  • Hat tip to Mike Tavares, Sign Lady, Niko, Heuristic Lineup, betweentheeyes and the rest of the gang that sat together and watched the Kings VSL game. What a blast! The Sac-ra-men-to chants were a highlight, and that led to Vivek and his daughter coming over after the game and taking a picture with us. Love-that-man! Oh, and a special hat tip to Heuristic's fiancé, who not only recognized Brian Scalabrine (now on the Warriors coaching staff) but gave him some good-natured trash talk as well. Marry that woman, HL!
  • You can tell by the way that players, coaches and front office staff from other teams seek out Shareef Abdur-Rahim that he has huge respect around the league. Betweentheeyes had made mention that Vivek brought dignity back the Sacramento Kings, and I agree completely. What little dignity the old team had was retained in Abdur-Rahim.
  • And a shout out to Andrew and Alex and David (I think it's David...if I'm wrong I'm terribly sorry...Jeff?...Mulva...Gipple?) from the Kings media team. They sought out the Kings fans and were very engaging. I've met Andrew before, and it's just great to meet people that (a) are very good at what they do and (b) really enjoy doing it. Between Vivek and the media team, they made the Kings fans in attendance feel a little like family. Pretty cool.
  • For those thinking about going next year, you can make the drive from Sacramento in less than 9 hours without breaking the law (much). It's really not bad...cost me about $200 in gas to get there and back and drive around during the week, but no cost for airline ticket, taxi, rental car, etc. The Warriors do a big excursion with their fans - I think that they charter a bus and everything. It would be kind of cool to see the Kings put something like this together in the future.


We have a couple of Mail Sac questions asking about the how to obtain the Kings TV broadcast games for this season. I believe that Comcast still has the contract for the bulk of their games, with News10 picking up a few as well. I do not believe that the league has announced their national roster of games yet, but I'd be surprised if the Kings were on their more than once or twice. If you cannot obtain the Comcast network that shows the Kings games, NBA League Pass would be your next best bet. We've also had inquiries of options that would spare you the expense of NBA League Pass. Sorry, but we don't do that here. And I caution our members that if you are going to suggest an alternative option in the thread, it better be 100% above-board and legal.

There are many other questions in the Mail Sac, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm wiped out!


Pick & Droll, courtesy the sick and twisted mind of Ragin17: "Since yesterday's {now last week's} pick and droll was about your favorite players growing up, I think we'd all want to know which players you loved to hate!"

Let's start with hoops. I hated Elvin Hayes for beating Lew Alcindor and UCLA. I was 9 at the time, and was not ready to learn that life wasn't always fair. You made me cry, Elvin. I hope you're happy. My least favorite King of all time is Jason Hart. He was a poopy head.

Baseball: I won't go as far as to say that I hated Ron Cey, but he scared the crap out of me whenever he batted against the Giants. And more recently, I didn't really hate Emmanuel Burris as much as I hated that the Giants actually had to play him (we call this Will Solomon Syndrome).

Football: The Cincinnati Bengals defense. They robbed us all of Bo Jackson.


Send your questions and topic ideas to Feel free to jack the thread...but only this thread.