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Tuesday Mail Sac: Omer Asik, DeMarcus Cousins, and Vegas Summer League

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Well, that was a fun first day of free agency…

Cuz and Affect.
Cuz and Affect.
Scott Halleran

Kicking off the Tuesday Mail Sac with Adam: "The Rockets are reportedly looking to trade Asik. He would be perfect for us! Rim protector/defensive presence/rebounder/hard player. Just what we need next to Cousins. Man, having a solid defensive center like that might even convince me we don't need to tank for next year's loaded draft, and can build around Cousins and our new draft picks. Well...we'd still need one more big piece, but it'd be closer! The Rockets like shooters, maybe pawn Thornton and Jimmer off on them. Probably not, but a boy can dream."

Well, I do like the idea of Asik. The thing is, I don't think that Houston is just going to give him away. There is a big difference between making players available and having a fire sale, and I think that the Rockets are having the former and not the latter. If/when Houston parts with Asik, it will likely involve obtaining a power forward that works better next to Dwight Howard. The odd thing is that Patrick Patterson would be of that mold, but I think that Asik possesses more value than that. They Rockets could probably trade him for a decent 2014 draft pick, and then turn around and sign Carl Landry.

Now, the guy that would be insane for Houston would be Josh Smith, and that could trigger a more fire sale -like atmosphere, as the Rockets would need to get Asik and Lin off the roster to sign both Howard and Smith. Asik for Isaiah Thomas would work for both teams...Thomas would flourish in a lineup with Harden, Parsons, Smith and Howard. But again, the Rox could opt to trade Asik and Lin for future draft picks, and then sign a free agent point guard like Darren Collison and still stay under the tax level.

Asik to Sacramento is not likely, but certainly not impossible. The one thing that is not going to happen with new ownership and management is anything resembling a tank job, so everyone needs to just forget about that.

From polnius916: I admit it. "I am a DMC fan. I don't think he'll be a perennial all-star, I know it. What I'm not sure about is how many teams he'll play for before then. I hope it's the Kings. So I'm biased. Then again, if the attitude doesn't improve this year I'll gladly bid him adieu.

At any rate, most people who are down on DeMarcus seem to first point to attitude. Namely "pouting" and "complaining to the ref". Now I'm going to make a comparison about pouting and complaining--NOT to game or potential. So bear with me.

Who pouted and complained to the ref more than Michael Jordan? I mean seriously? I remember Game 3 of the Finals vs. the Sonics. The Bulls are on the wrong end of I believe the largest blow out in Finals history at that point. Shockingly, MJ already has one tech. Something happens he doesn't like. He lights into the ref in such a manner that spit is hitting the ref in the face. I'm thinking, "Who besides MJ doesn't get a double tech for this, much less a single?" Yet no tech was called. This is just one example. And in fact, Bird whined a ton too. Yes they were winners. Yes they were all time greats. But is it fair to start criticisms of this 22 year old off with complaints about a standard other players weren't/aren't held to? If the guy can't stay on the court or can't behave at practice that's one thing. But I'm tired of the "pouting" and "complaining" line--and I'm not pointing a finger at any individuals as honestly, I can't name any besides Bill "SportsGuy Walton wannabe" Simmons. It's a double standard, in my opinion. As I recall you are more in the "see ya" camp for DMC than the "hopeful". Fair enough. So I value your opinion all the more. Who whined more than MJ? Is it fair to hold DMC to a higher standard on THAT front?"




I think that I will defer this one to the thread. If you agree with Polonius, move forward and be fruitful. If you disagree, please remember to hate the play and not the player.

OK, I do need to address one thing, since you specifically asked. I'm not in any "camp" as it pertains to Cousins. I don't think that we should cut him loose at any cost, but he has given me numerous reasons on numerous occasions to be less than hopeful. I'd deal him if a high value deal came along, but due to his attitude and shot selection, those offers are not going to be forthcoming anytime soon. I can't fathom comparing him to Jordan or Bird in any way, shape or form. Do superstars get preferential treatment in the NBA? You bet, and it sucks, and it's been that way forever and is not likely to change anytime soon. I always reference back to this very simple comparison: Greg Monroe and DeMarcus Cousins came out in the same draft, two picks apart. They both play the same position, and they have both had to toil for bad, bad teams during their first three years. And Cousins has amassed 43 technical fouls and 7 ejections (not fouling out, mind you, but ejections), while Monroe sits at 6 and 0. And Monroe has not called out even one coach, while Cousins is two for two. And Monroe has never been suspended, and I've stopped keeping track of Cousins' suspensions.

The "see ya" camp? Nah. I'm in the "see him" camp. As in, I'd like to see him grow up, take ownership of his actions, and start cashing in some of this untapped potential that I keep hearing so much about. And if he can't do that, I'd like to see him leave.


Pick & Droll: Vegas Summer League!

Starting with this note from LaBradford: "Are any StR members planning to go to Vegas Summer League? I went a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. I think Crown Downtown is planning to go, and it might be great to meet up with folks."

I will be there on the first two days (Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th), including the Kings first game of summer, which takes place at 3 PM on Saturday. I will be wearing either my "Cuzizstan" shirt, my "Sactown Royalty" shirt, or my "Small Market Big Heart" shirt. I vaguely resemble a horribly shrunken Ted Leonsis (both physically and financially). And I will be crushed if I find out that you were there and didn't come by and say "hi" or sit with me and betweentheeyes. Man, the idea of watching VSL games with several StR members - that would be pretty awesome. And the best part? It's a ban hammer-free environment! You can even talk politics, and I'm powerless to stop you!!!

So, who's going? When will you be there, and what are your plans? I'm fortunate to have my buddy from Chicago out there to compete in the World Series of Poker, so I get to hang with him and his lovely wife a bit. I'm going to drive, but it will be nice to get away for a few days.

If you've never been, I'd highly recommend it. The basketball is a little ragged, but you literally find yourself sitting right next to rookies (Jared Sullinger sat next to us for a bit last year), and NBA royalty is in the house (shook hands with Kevin McHale and breathed on Jerry West...he's minty!). The best moment last year was watching Darnell Jackson (wearing a KU hat) politely turn away youngster after youngster that came up to him and said, "Mr. Robinson, can I have your autograph?" Great seats. The games are played in either the Thomas and Mack Center or Cox Pavillion, which are joined by a common concourse so that you can go back and forth when games are being played on both floors. Very basic concessions, so I advise that you carb load first if you are going to spend the entire day there.

And most importantly, you could get the first look at Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum. Now the one thing that we've learned is that you can't really set your expectations watch by VSL performances (to wit, Donté Greene once scored 44 points in a VSL game). The games are really built more for wings and guys that create their own shots. But it's still hellacious fun, and exciting as hell to see the new Kings when they are fresh out of the box.

Vegas Summer League. You should do this.


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