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How the Kings could pay Andre Iguodala and Tyreke Evans

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The Kings have reported levied a massive offer on Andre Iguodala. Can they pay him and keep Tyreke Evans?

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The great and powerful Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has reported that the Sacramento Kings offered Andre Iguodala a four-year deal worth $56 million. That's big money to a top free agent! (I rated Iguodala the No. 4 free agent in this class, behind Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Josh Smith.) The average annual salary on the Iguodala contract is $14 million, but the deal would start at $13.1 million if constructed in normal escalating fashion.

The Kings could absorb that salary by clearing Tyreke Evans off of the books by letting him sign with the New Orleans Pelicans or whoever. Ben McLemore is due $2.4 million; that plus $13.1 million for Iguodala and the Kings' other existing contracts would come $1 million the salary cap line of $58.5 million. (The Kings have $42 million on the books, per There's about $200,000 the Kings would need to cut somewhere -- maybe in Iguodala's starting salary -- to swing an Evans sign-and-trade for Greivis Vasquez under this scenario.

But what about a scenario in which the Kings sign Iguodala and retain Evans? Is that even possible?

Here's how:

* Amnesty John Salmons. The Kings' existing salaries then add up to $34.4 million.

* Match that Evans offer sheet, if he signs it. Otherwise, sign him to that four-year, $44 million contract. Starting salary on the cap would be $10.3 million. (Under the Pelicans' rumored offer, the actual payment to Evans would be higher than that in 2013-14 because of a $6.6 million signing bonus. But the cap doesn't care about that, and we're concerned with the cap here.) We're up to $44.7 million.

* Add in McLemore at $2.4 million. That's $47.1 million. Note that Ray McCallum doesn't count against the cap until he actually signs a deal, so the Kings can hold off on that until free agency settles down in a week or 10 days.

* To fit that $13.1 million starting salary for Iguodala under the cap, the Kings would need to free an additional $1.7 million in cap space. Jimmer Fredette is due $2.4 million in 2013-14. You'd be able to trade him for a future second-round pick at the very least, possibly a 2015 or beyond protected first. Trading Chuck Hayes or Marcus Thornton would free up even more room.

* The Kings would then be allowed to use the room exception, which maxes out at two years, $5.4 million. Cole Aldrich?

* The Kings could then sign McCallum and any minimum contract players needed/desired. Not including a player signed with the room exception or other minimum contracts, the Kings would have 11 players on the roster. And the depth chart would look like this ...

Isaiah Thomas | Ray McCallum
Tyreke Evans | Marcus Thornton | Ben McLemore
Andre Iguodala | Travis Outlaw
Patrick Patterson | Chuck Hayes
DeMarcus Cousins | Jason Thompson

... or ...

Tyreke Evans | Isaiah Thomas | Ray McCallum
Ben McLemore | Marcus Thornton
Andre Iguodala | Travis Outlaw
Patrick Patterson | Chuck Hayes
DeMarcus Cousins | Jason Thompson

With Cousins due an extension in a year and the ownership group getting ready to help build a new arena, I'm not sure this sort of massive offseason is in the cards. And Pete D'Alessandro may prefer to leave some room to add help up front with Tyreke's money, or a veteran point guard to help Isaiah, Jimmer and Ray. But if the front office wants to nab both Iguodala and Evans, and 'Dala wants to come to Sacramento, and another team doesn't raise the stakes on 'Reke ... it could be done.