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NBA Free Agency: Kings pull Iguodala offer off the table

What the hell just happened???


Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting that the Sacramento Kings have pulled their 4-year, $56 million offer that they had previously made to Andre Iguodala.

The coming days should be interesting as we hopefully learn more about what drove this odd series of events.

And how do you feel about this, Mr. Iguodala?

While there were certainly mixed reactions to the news of the initial offer, I'm sure this sudden reversal will be seen as even more controversial.

A bit of speculation: Perhaps the Kings expected Tyreke Evans to walk, but instead he's decided to sign with the franchise? Or maybe he's decided to walk and the Kings need to match that offer, making it impossible for them to also sign Iguodala?

Feel free to toss out your own theories in the comments.