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Ben McLemore, Ray McCallum finish Summer League with a Kings win

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Sacramento wins! Sacramento wins!

Why yes, we are re-using Summer League photos!
Why yes, we are re-using Summer League photos!

Ben McLemore had himself a second half on Friday as the Kings beat the Hawks in Sacramento's Summer League finale. McLemore scored 27 in the game, 23 of those in the second half. He shot 2-9 in the first half, and 8-12 in the second. As has been the case for nearly all of Summer League, McLemore wasn't shy about getting his shots up. That's an important thing given that one of the knocks at Kansas was that he wasn't aggressive enough. He showed no lack of aggression in Vegas. (He also had nine rebounds, eight of them on defense. That's going to be important to have going forward.)

Ray McCallum was quite good as well, racking up 11 assists on two turnovers to go with his 12 points (4-12 shooting). A couple of those feeds were to McLemore in the open court, and I really can't wait to see Isaiah Thomas and Greivis Vasquez run with McLemore, or to see McCallum running with NBA-level bigs who can finish, like Jason Thompson.

After five games, it's a question mark if anyone else on the club is getting a camp invite. Looking at the depth chart, Will Clyburn might have the best shot if he doesn't sign in Europe. His jumper wasn't falling much in Vegas, but he was really active and scored a point every two minutes, which is a really good rate. I'm not sure he's better than Travis Outlaw, though. Drew Gordon could get a look, too: he rebounded quite well (10.6 per 36) and has a high-potential background. But the Kings' roster is still at 14 after you add the rookies, so actually making the team (barring more trades) is a long shot.

Warm fuzzy time: from a Jason Jones blog post.

Rookie guard Ben McLemore, who scored 23 points in the second half, said [DeMarcus] Cousins gave him a pep talk at halftime.

McLemore said Cousins told him to "keep working, keep your head in the game, keep playing ball."

DeMarcus Cousins: mentor. I love it.

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