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Kings and Pelicans to Watch Oden Workout

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Yahoo!'s Marc Spears reports that the Kings and Pelicans will attend a private workout with Greg Oden in Indiana tomorrow.


Last week it was reported that the Kings were going to meet with Free Agent center Greg Oden as he attempts to make his comeback to the NBA after missing the last three seasons due to various knee injuries and ailments.

Today, Yahoo!'s Marc Spears reports that Oden will hold a private workout in Indianapolis tomorrow for both the Kings and Pelicans. Spears says the Pelicans are prepared to offer Oden a deal worth approximately $3 million. The Kings do not have $3 million in cap space, but can still offer around that much due to the Room Exception ($2.5 million).

ESPN's Marc Stein and Jeff Goodman also report that the Kings will have representatives watch Oden, but add that the Kings are a seeming "long-shot contenders" for the big man's services. According to them, Oden will likely choose between the Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs.

Should the Kings sign Oden, they will add to an already pretty crowded frontcourt, but Oden would be the only 7 footer among the bunch. Whether or not he could play or meaningfully contribute is another question. I personally have my doubts, but I wish Oden the best as he tries to revive his career.

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