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DeMarcus Cousins - Renaissance Man

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Watch as DeMarcus leads a deep discussion on the works of William Shakespeare while Ricky Rubio does his best Salvador Dalí impression!

Using the hashtag #MoreThanMuscle, the agency that represents that represents DeMarcus Cousins, Ricky Rubio, Iman Shumpert, and Aaron Jackson, released a pretty great video yesterday highlighting some of their clients comedic talents. Relativity Sports made the satirical video to show that their clients are undeserving of the stereotypical "dumb jock" moniker...and it's hilarious in the process.

Honestly, I think its it's pretty great to see elite athletes let down their guard and poke fun of themselves a bit. And I'd love to see more videos like this, especially from a guy like the oft misunderstood DeMarcus Cousins. Kudos to Relativity Sports for showcasing the human side of one of the most talented big men in the NBA.

The real question is, how long must we continue to wait for DeMarcus' to make his theatrical debut as Othello at the Sacramento Shakespeare festival!?

Bottom line America, DeMarcus Cousins is #MoreThanMuscle...he's also quite sophisticated.

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