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Greg Oden to reportedly pick team next week after working out for Kings, others

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The former No. 1 pick worked out for Sacramento general manager Pete D'Alessandro and some other guys on Tuesday.


Following former No. 1 pick Greg Oden's Indianapolis Basketball Summit of Champions on Tuesday, Yahoo!'s Marc Spears reports the center will pick his team next week. Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro was on hand to witness the momentous occasion. Reports, including one from ESPN Dallas, suggest Oden looked good in the workout.

The Kings are among several contenders for Oden, including the Pelicans, Hawks, Mavericks and the lowly Heat and Spurs.

The Kings, barring a quick trade, have only the room exception to offer Oden. Such a deal would be for a maximum of two years, $5.3 million. Were I Pete D'Alessandro and Oden passed some basic physical tests, I would offer that in a heartbeat. Disclosure: I am not Pete D'Alessandro.

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