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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep. 7: Seth Rosenthal

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Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting joins us to discuss Summer League, Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and the NBA in general.

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It's Episode 7 of the Sactown Royalty Show! This week's guest is Seth Rosenthal. Seth runs SB Nation's Posting and Toasting, contributes to SB Nation's general NBA coverage, and is just a generally smart and funny dude. We discussed Summer League, the offseason, and the NBA in general.

Seth gave us some impartial insights on Ben McLemore's Summer League performance, as well as his takes on the Kings letting Tyreke Evans walk. And it turns out that Seth love DeMarcus Cousins. He just gushes about him.

Because Seth is a Knicks fan, we also discussed New York's whirlwind offseason.

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