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Summer League 2013: Kings' Ray McCallum ranked highly, Ben McLemore not so much

New, comments's Mike Prada ranked the top 61 rookies at Summer League, including three members of the Kings.

USA TODAY Sports's Mike Prada is crazy, and ranked the Summer League performance of 61 rookies (from Orlando and Las Vegas). Ray McCallum, the Kings' No. 36 pick, came in at No. 8.

He showed an ability to get to the rim and finish throughout the Kings' schedule, a rare combination in Las Vegas. He's still learning how to be a point guard and was prone to some pick-and-roll coverages that forced him baseline and took his scoring out of the equation, though.

Ben McLemore, the No. 7 overall pick, though? He fell all the way down to No. 30. Will Clyburn got a mention at No. 57.

Click through to see what Prada said about McLemore's week in Sin City. An interesting read from an unbiased observer who, as a Wizards fan, knows bad basketball when he sees it.

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