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DeMarcus Cousins contract negotiations with Kings set to begin

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The new front office will indeed try to work out an early extension with DeMarcus Cousins. It would go into effect in 2014-15.


Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, live from Las Vegas:

The Kings will be meeting with [DeMarcus] Cousins' agent, Dan Fegan, in the near future about a possible new contract.

The deadline for an early extension is October 31. Sacramento can offer up to five years for Cousins by making him its Designated Player. That would, however, restrict the Kings from naming another future early extension candidate its Designated Player, at least until Cousins is off of the roster or his five-year contract expires in 2019. You can trade for a second player on a DP contract, however.

Jones notes that Fegan is also representing John Wall, who is said to be close to a massive early extension with the Wizards. Fegan has a rep as a hard negotiator, so we'll see what kind of incentives or non-guarantees Wall has to sign on for if he does indeed sign for the max.

If the Kings and Cousins can't reach a deal by the end of October, then like Tyreke Evans he'll become a restricted free agent on the following July 1.

This isn't wholly surprising news, given the glowing way the new regime has spoken of Cousins. But it's certainly interesting that the front office and ownership is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

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