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Wednesday Mail Sac: Rules changes, international expansion, sulky players and their contracts, shopping, costumes, and a trip down memory lane

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"New rules? Geez guys, I still don't understand the old rules!"


NewYorkKingsFan hijacks the post!!!: "Okay, I am back with some more questions for you guys!

Since it is the offseason, and therefore, very slow in news and all, this is pure speculation. However, as fans, it might be worth thinking about due to our love of the game.

If you were the Commissioner of the NBA, what rule changes would you make to help improve the game from the point of view of the fans, as well as make things easier for the refs to call the game correctly?

What would you do about expansion teams and the possibility of basketball in Southeast Asia, etc.? (Okay, that is probably way out of your realm of expertise, so feel free to dodge that one!)

What changes would you make that could affect those players who seemingly dishonor their contracts, such as J.J. Hickson, who basically sulked and played crappy in order to get off the team, or Andrew Bynum, who wasted a whole year of the Sixer's season and they lost two players in the trade, too....?????

I'm not talking what would actually happen in real life, you know, with lawyers and such, but in an ideal world where fair is fair and the game is honored and all that.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep things fun. Thanks!"

OK, if I could change/add one rule, it would be to eliminate the 6 foul out rule. I would amend the rule that after the 6th foul, the player can stay in the game, but any subsequent fouls committed by him would be two shots and the ball for the opponent. It would add an element of strategy for the coaches, and it would keep the best players in the games. Alternate idea: Award each player an additional foul for each overtime period.

I do not have the geographic creativity to envision NBA expansion beyond Canada, Mexico, and perhaps South America.

It will never happen, but I'd like to see a portion of the contracts non-guaranteed. Never-going-to-happen.

From SacKingsSinceDay1: "I'm from the bay and I am planning on coming back down to Sacramento some time in these next few weeks. Huge kings fan and wanted to buy a Kings NBA Ben McLemore jersey, I can't get it online but I can get it from a store. I was wondering if any of you from Sactown Royalty know if stores in Sac are selling the Mclemore jersey anywhere yet, and which specific stores if they are? Can anyone help me out?"

I'm blind guessing that it would be at the team store at Sleep Train Arena? I'm not the savviest of shoppers, so hopefully the answer awaits in the thread.


Pick & Droll #1 comes from the vivacious Christina_J (I don't know if she is or not...I just wanted to use the word "vivacious"): "I somehow just now had the idea to ask the fine members of StR for advice that I need quickly. I volunteer as a counselor at a camp for kids who are burn survivors each year, and at the end of the week we have a dance at which the staff is highly encouraged to dress up in costume. The theme this year is sports and other than really basic ideas, I can't come up with anything to wear for my costume. The camp is for kids as young as 7 so it has to be appropriate for all ages. Any fun/unique ideas would be very much appreciated!"

First off, good for you! Second, I've got nothing. But I'm sure that there will be a lot of ideas in the thread, and if you're lucky, there will be one that you can actually use.

Pick & Droll #2: One of the things that I'm going to do throughout the summer is link older posts that our newer members may not have seen, and perhaps our veteran members won't mind the trip down memory lane.

I'm going to start with this one from February 8, 2008. It was really the first time that Tom let me take the bats out of the belfry for a spin on Sactown Royalty, and I have always been very appreciative that he continues to allow exist on the pages of StR. I hope that it gives you a laugh or two.


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