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NBA Power Rankings: How others see the Kings

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Is Sacramento expected to be one of the league's worst teams again?


The bloggers of SB Nation's NBA division got together over the past few days to collaborate on a set of offseason power rankings. The idea was to give us a sense of how the broader basketball world sees our team heading into a season in which a number of teams are being accused of tanking. About 20 team bloggers took part, and here's the result.

The Kings came in at No. 24. There seemed to be a bit of a break between what I'll dub the mediocre teams and the bad teams, with Sacramento leading the latter group. That set also includes the Jazz, Celtics, Bobcats, Magic and Suns. The Sixers are in a league all their own. (Lord, the Sixers are going to be so bad. I almost feel sorry for Spencer Hawes. Almost.)

Is that about right? Are the Kings going to compete with those teams for ping pong balls, or do they belong in the mediocre set with Bucks, Pistons, Raptors, Mavericks, Cavaliers and -- mwahahaha -- Lakers?

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