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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep. 8: Michael Levin

Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers and SB Nation joins us to discuss the NBA offseason, Greg Oden, and the joys of tanking.

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It's Episode 8 of the Sactown Royalty Show! This week's guest is Michael Levin. Levin runs Liberty Ballers, SB Nation's 76ers blog, and also contributes to SB Nation's NBA coverage.

On the show we discussed a variety of topics. Michael weighed in with his thoughts on the Kings offseason moves. We talked briefly about Tyreke Evans, and then Michael offered an opinion on DeMarcus Cousins that was a bit different from the recent narrative. Michael's also follows the Kansas Jayhawks, so he gave us his insights on Ben McLemore.

We also talked about the NBA offseason in general, particularly the Detroit Pistons and their recent acquisition of Brandon Jennings.

And finally we talked about Greg Oden. Levin wrote a fantastic piece on Oden for the dot com on Wednesday, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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