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Report: Robin Lopez would go to Portland in Proposed Sign-and-Trade of Tyreke Evans

A new wrinkle has been added to the latest proposal.

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Last night Ailene Voisin reported that the Kings would not match New Orleans' offer of 4 years and $44 million for Tyreke Evans. In her report she indicated the Kings were working on Sign and Trade options with the Pelicans involving Greivis Vasquez and Robin Lopez. Most assumed the Kings would be getting both players.

However USA Today's Sam Amick reports that Lopez and his $10 million over two years could be heading to Portland instead:

This new proposed trade would leave the Kings with significant cap room. With Lopez and Vasquez, the Kings would have been at $52,471,068 or about $6 million under the cap. Without Lopez (who has a 15% trade kicker) but with Vasquez the Kings are at $46,583,343, almost $12 million under the cap. These numbers were obtained using ShamSports Salary Database.

It's unclear what Portland would send in this trade, and if it's going to Sacramento or New Orleans. Portland has the cap space to absorb Lopez's contract so they don't need to match salaries.