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Kings officials met with DeMarcus Cousins in Alabama on Wednesday

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In the middle of a wild free agency week, Kings coach Michael Malone and GM Pete D'Alessandro traveled to Alabama to meet with DeMarcus Cousins.


If you didn't think Pete D'Alessandro and Michael Malone had enough going on this week, the pair -- along with former NBA player and Friend Of Vivek Junior Bridgeman -- traveled to Mobile, Ala., on Wednesday to have a sitdown with DeMarcus Cousins, reports Yahoo!'s Marc Spears. Cousins is eligible to sign an early Bird extension that would go into effect in 2014-15. His agent, Dan Fegan, is rumored to be looking for the max.

Fegan is also currently tied up with another client, Dwight Howard, so this was an opportune time to meet Cousins without outside influence. It's a goodwill gesture if nothing else. Here's what Pete D. told Spears about Cousins as cornerstone of the franchise.

"DeMarcus is a really talented player and we look forward to him being a major part of this team," D'Alessandro told Yahoo! Sports. "We want him to get better as a player and help him get there. That's our mission. We love him in this role. I'm sure he's excited about it." [...]

"He's a remarkable talent," D'Alessandro said. "He's a dominant player. There are very few dominant bigs. I look forward to our relationship growing, with myself, the new owners and the coaching staff. We have to support him to get to where he can."

Very interesting to me that the staff took time in a huge week to handle this.