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Sacramento Kings free agency: Salary cap sheet update including Carl Landry's contract

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The Kings have signed Carl Landry. Here's what the 2013-14 salary cap sheet now looks like.


The Kings reached a deal with Carl Landry on Saturday, inking the veteran power forward for four years, $26 million according to reports. We're not yet sure how the contract is structured, but if it's like a normal deal, we can estimate the team's salary cap space remaining.

A Landry deal structured per the NBA norm would look like ...

2013-14: $6.08 million
2014-15: $6.35 million
2015-16: $6.62 million
2016-17: $6.89 million

Using ShamSports' existing Kings cap figure of $42 million, here's what Sacramento's cap sheet now looks like.

Incumbent players: $42 million
Ben McLemore: $2.4 million
Greivis Vasquez: $2.1 million
Carl Landry: $6.1 million
TOTAL: $52.6 million --> $5.9 million under the cap

Just for good measure, using the amnesty clause on John Salmons ($7.6 million) would give the Kings $13.5 million in cap space.

Looking ahead to next season, the Kings have an estimated $36.5 million locked up for 2014-15. However, that does not include cap holds or salaries for DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, Ray McCallum, Vasquez or Patrick Patterson, and requires waiving John Salmons to unguarantee his full contract. (Waiving him by June 2014 sends him $1 million to not be on the team vs. $7 million to be on the team.) Once you account for just Cousins and at least one of the point guards, most of the Kings' projected space is tied up, barring other trades.