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Welcome the newest member of the Sactown Royalty staff: Blake Ellington

The StR team is expanding.


We have a quick announcement about the staff here at Sactown Royalty Enterprises Inc. Blake Ellington, the founding editor of Bleed Black and Purple, one of the producers of Small Market, Big Heart and a founding member of Here We Stay, is joining Sactown Royalty. He'll be writing about ... well, whatever he wants. This is Sactown Royalty. We have fewer rules than Outback Steakhouse. (Also fewer battered onions.)

Primarily, Blake will write about arena stuff and will be covering the team from the inside. He'll be attending a number of games this season on a credential, and will produce some no-doubt great work out of it. He's a fabulous writer and an enterprising fellow, too.

His first post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, welcome Blake Ellington, new member of the StR team!