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Monday Mail Sac: All-time NBA starting lineup, career choices, and chance grocery store encounters

Only five days until the weekend.


We'll start this week's Mail Sac with a question from an anonymous source: "Who would make up your all-time greatest NBA starting lineup?"

Well, this is going to be highly subjective. I'll start at center, where I'm going with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I know that there are valid arguments for Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain here, but Kareem is my single favorite NBA player, so he anchors my all-time starting lineup.

Tim Duncan would be my power forward. Somewhere in between all of this Kobe or LeBron conversation, Tim Duncan has been completely overlooked as perhaps the greatest player of his generation. Some might like Karl Malone or even Jerry Lucas, but I'm taking Duncan as the yin to Kareem's yang.

Small forward is my toughest choice. I have it down To Elgin Baylor, Rick Barry and Larry Bird. I'd be fine with any of these guys, but if I have to choose one, it's Baylor. He was incredible and really a bit ahead of his time. He was one of the first multi-faceted small forwards, and could beat you with his shooting, passing, rebounding and defense. He was a good spot-up shooter, so he'll fill out my front line quite nicely.

Michael Jordan is my shooting guard. Next.

Magic Johnson is my point guard. Again, there are many alternatives here, but I'll take the Magic man to extract the most out of each of his teammates and still be there to take the big shot if/when needed.

Bonus: 6th man. If I have to take a guy that officially filled the role, give me John Havlicek. But if I can just pick a guy, I'll take LeBron, as he could literally fill in for any of the guys in my starting five.

From doriank: "Do you guys have day jobs? If so, what are they?"

I hope so. Otherwise it makes no sense when members here read my posts and then comment that I shouldn't quit my day job.

I'll let the other StR staffers answer as they see fit. And while I won't cop to my specific job right now, I will include it in the roster of jobs that I have held since my very first job, which was working at Community Industrial Garment Rental Service over 38 years ago. Since then, I have worked at Bouza's for Children, Burger King, College-Hi Shop (retail clothing), umpired District 5/USAA/ASA/NSOA, Sacramento Suburban Newspapers (the "Greensheet"), landscape construction, stock options trader (in Chicago), NAPA Auto Parts, Community Association Management, loans and real estate, and a candy store. In other words, I can't hold down a job, but I do pretty well at job interviews.


Pick & Droll, and a goodie from LaBradford: Scenario: You run into ___________________ while waiting in line at Raley's. What do you say/do?

a. Vivek

b. KJ

c. Jerry Reynolds

d. Grant Napear

e. Gary Gerould

f. Ailene Voisin

g. DeMarcus Cousins

h. gavin maloof

i. your favorite SKDT member

Please answer for each of these possibilities.

Bonus Question: What does each of these people have in their shopping bag?"

Vivek: "Thank you." And before I can check what's in his bag, he requests that I guess in both a linear and non-linear fashion.

Kevin Johnson: "Sorry that I ever doubted you." He has beef jerky, whipped cream, four "D" cell batteries, and some Bactine. And he's in a bit of a rush.

Jerry Reynolds: "Do you have a minute - can I buy you a drink?" Dr. Scholl's gel inserts, a bottle of Jameson Red Label (because the Gold Label would be much too pretentious for Jerry), apples, grapes, kiwi, cherries and clementines...but no peaches.

Grant Napear: "Tom Ziller says ‘hi.'" National Enquirer, Us Magazine, SPF500 sunscreen, "Just for (Ginger) Men."

Gary Gerould: "Thanks for approaching your craft with caring and class, every time." Multivitamins, a comb, fat free Fig Newtons, Folgers coffee.

Ailene Voisin: "Describe Jason Jones in five words or less." Nothing - she just came in for a Powerball ticket and a video rental.

DeMarcus Cousins: "Would you like otis29's home address?" 18 bags of Funyuns.

Gavin Maloof: "Really? No...really???" The Big Book of Jumbles, Jeri-Curl (for George), Powerball ticket (expired), construction paper and glitter, tongue.

SKDT member: "Hamina-hamina-hamina..." Restraining order, pepper spray.


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