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Mail Sac Friday: GOAT, uniforms, Sactown Royalty Nights


Al Bello

TGIMSF begins with Mafools: "Who, in your personal opinion, is the greatest NBA player of all time and why?"

There are a lot of ways to carve this up. Wilt Chamberlain was a physical and statistical anomaly, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was my favorite, Bill Russell won the most rings, Dr. J helped to revolutionize the game, but only after Oscar Robertson revolutionized it before him. And I'd have to give at least a little consideration to Jerry West and perhaps even Magic Johnson. Joe Kleine was underrated.

But it's Michael Jordan by most reasonable measures. All-time leader in points per game at 30.1, while adding over 6 boards, over 5 assists, over 2 steals and almost a block per game. Easily the greatest baseline-to-baseline player that the game has ever seen. 6 championships in his 13 years in Chicago. Made his teammates better. Played biggest in the game's biggest moments.

One note: Jordan was 29 when he won the 2nd of his 6 championships. James won his 2nd at age 28. Do I think that James is going to catch Jordan when it comes to championships? No. But it does shed a little light on how much of James' career story has not yet been written. I'm going to guess that by the time James is done (with good health), his fans will be able to at least make an argument for him as the greatest of all time.

From Calvine Chris: "Personally I have no problem with the Kings Home Uniforms, however I am not a fan at all of the away jerseys or the "Back in Black" jerseys at all. With that said, if I'm not mistaken the Kings got voted the worst uniforms in all of professional sports a year or two ago. 1) Do you believe with this new ownership will rid of the hated jerseys? 2) What are your favorite Kings/Royals jerseys of all time?"

I don't recall the worst jerseys thing, unless it was in regards to those awful gold lamé unis. I actually like the purple jerseys and the black jerseys. The black jersey that was in vogue when Webber, Divac, Bibby, Stojakovic, Christie and Jackson ruled the roost were probably my favorites, but that probably had more to do with the players in the jerseys and less to do with the jerseys themselves...they even looked great in the crisp white jerseys.

I have to cop to the fact that I really give little thought or consideration to the uniforms. It will not bother me in the least when the uniforms are adorned with advertisements, and any uniform that does not remind me of the Lakers or Dodgers will be fine with me. My sole desire when it comes to uniforms is that home jerseys have the team name (Kings), while the road jerseys rock the city name (Sacramento). I've always dug that.


Pick & Droll: StR nights update.

It's looking as though we will be selecting Friday, November 15 (Detroit) and Monday, December 23 (New Orleans) for our StR nights at Sleep Train. Details to follow as we firm up these dates.

Use the thread to comment on seat location. Right now we are looking at either 2nd deck half court view or 2nd deck but a little closer to the corner. The latter would probably be slightly cheaper. My guess right now is that ticket prices will come in somewhere between $20-$28 per ticket. Based on the volume of responses received, we selected Michael Peyton as our Kings ticket agent. Thanks to everyone that took the time to make a recommendation.

In regards to the StR nights at local establishments, we will be nailing those dates down a little later, but we would love to hear from you in the thread if you have a particular establishment/location in mind. Would it make more sense to do one night in the Elk Grove area, one closer to downtown and one in Roseville? Or should we be looking at Old Sac/downtown/Natomas for our three nights? And if you have an "in" or a connection somewhere, drop that information in the thread or send me an email. For example, HumboldtCPA has mentioned O'Malley's in Old Sac. If we can give our business to StR member-related or recommended establishments, that would be the best.


Send your questions and topic ideas to Have a great weekend. The thread is now open for your jacking.