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The Sactown Royalty Show Presents: Mail Sac Live!

We'll answer e-mails, take a call or two, and discuss a pick and droll question. And we'll threadjack ourselves, of course.

Thursday, August 22nd will be a day of podcasting infamy.  It will mark the very first Mail Sac Live.  Section214 is always a great guest, and he's graciously agreed to let me steal his wonderful Mail Sac to fill the dog days of August.  We'll answer your questions, so be sure to submit a few to

We're also planning, for the first time on the Sactown Royalty Show, to take questions live.  Tune in, call in, ask your questions.  And if you call in and do something bad, you shall be punished.  Talking to you, rbiegler.

And we've even got a pick and droll topic to kick off the show.  It should be a lot of fun (shows with Section always are).  Check out the show here (we'll also post a link when the show goes live) at 9pm PT, Thursday.

As always, if you're on  iTunes, subscribe to the show and you'll never miss an episode.  On Android? Check us out on Stitcher.

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