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Jimmer Fredette has driven Bee sports editor batty

Oh man, Tom Couzens. Really?


Tom Couzens is the sports editor at The Sacramento Bee. You may know him from previous vignettes like "leaving F-bomb laden prank calls on Don Geronimo's voicemail." Couzens is part of the rotation of Bee editors and writers who handle the daily Leading Off column. Leading Off is a brief rumination on some sports issue du jour. It's almost like a (gasp) blog post.

Couzens' Leading Off column on Thursday:

It's late August, the NBA's only "dead" month of the year.

But that doesn't mean the Internet isn't atwitter with speculation about the future of Kings guard Jimmer Fredette.

We figure it's mostly a bunch of bloggers bored in their basements, but Fredette's name has been all over Twitter this week, and some online reports cited our Jason Jones' conversation with Fredette in July about his uncertain future.

We'll leave the "bloggers bored in their basements" joke from 2006 alone. There's a 2 percent chance he's being ironic or something. But Holy Lack of Reading Comprehension Skills, Batman. The hubbub on Jimmer this week -- including our own post on the subject -- comes directly from an interview Couzens's own staff writer, Jones, gave to a Salt Lake City media outlet on Saturday.

In that interview, Jones mentioned his July conversation with Jimmer. But he also provided some additional, seemingly updated reporting: that the Kings are not shopping Fredette, but are taking calls on him. (We'd expect this applies to other players, but Jones was answering questions about Jimmer.)

So Jones breaks (or reiterates, or updates ... whatever) a touch of news in another media outlet, fans of the Kings have the temerity to discuss it because they consider Jones reliable, and ...

We figure it's mostly a bunch of bloggers bored in their basements, but Fredette's name has been all over Twitter this week [...]

The best part: after Couzens's turned-nose critique of our collective interest in The Jimmer in August, he goes on to write about Jimmer's prospects of being traded. In fact, he basically aped my piece on Jimmer, though probably not intentionally. (It's a fairly straightforward situation: he's the fifth guard on the team.)

So basically Couzens makes fun of everyone for paying attention to his own writer's news, then does what he's making fun of everyone for doing. Tom Couzens, everyone!

It's a real disservice to The Bee's wonderful sports writers (especially a guy like Joe Davidson) and the sports fans of the Sacramento area that the paper has such a mediocre sports editor. If Couzens wanted to improve the sports page, he'd cut himself out of the Leading Off rotation -- I don't know the last time he wrote something actually insightful in that space.

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