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Peja Stojakovic to participate in 'NBA Jam' in India

Peja? NBA Jam? Sounds like good times.

Ronald Martinez

Former King Peja Stojakovic is heading to India next month to participate in an event dubbed "NBA Jam."

According to the India Times, Stojakovic, alongside Chicago Bulls greats Horace Grant and Ron Harper, will participate in the event that features the largest 3-on-3 tournament ever be held in India - nearly 500 teams. Winning teams will get a shot at playing 3-on-3 against Stojakovic, Grant and Harper.

"There will also be a National Finals for the three-point contest and the winner will get to shoot against Stojakovic."

This is yet another effort the NBA is using to get basketball more intertwined into India's culture. The league has an office in Mumbai and hosts several events a year. Earlier this year, David Stern visited the country. Cricket is the sport of choice in India, but maybe Peja can do his part and open some eyes to the greatness of basketball - something new Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, who was born in India, also aims to do with the Kings.

The league certainly seems to be on the right track. An event that incorporates one of the best shooters in Kings franchise (and league) history and NBA Jam (the name of the greatest basketball video game ever) sounds like a good time to me.

In fact, the whole thing sounds pretty NBA 3.0.

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